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About Us


Mehmood trust is a non-profit organization, established on 11 October 2013, and registered with Joint Sub Registrar, Islamabad, on 25 November 2013 which serves to build a more equitable society through support to individuals and communities.

Mehmood Trust has been working to provide help and support to the people that are in need of great help. Our team members are working continuously day and night to reach out to as many people as they can. With the given situation of the pandemic and the rise in the number of poverty, support is needed more than ever and Mehmood Trust is trying to help as many people that are reachable.


Our mission is to help the people and to provide them with the help that is needed the most. Mehmood trust has been and is still providing help to the people which are in need. A lot of the people are not able to pay their medicals bills, purcahse grocery items, pay for their medical, etc, Mehmood Trust has ought to help those peolpe and to fulfill their needs by providing them with the help that is needed.

Mehmood Trust aims to help the people as much as possible so that they are not deprived from their basic needs, help them to be stable enough to support themselves and to live a happy and healthy life.


Livelihood Program

In Pakistan the poverty rate is increasing very fast and the current situation of the pandemic has made it much more worse and the poverty rate is still increasing very rapidly. People are not able to purchase basic essentials which are needed to survive. We are providing support to those people.

Education Program

Our education program is providing support to the children which are being deprived from basic education. We need to educate the upcoming generation if we want our country to progress and prosper. Our aim is to educate the children so that they know the importance of education.

Health Program

This program is developed to support the people which are not able to pay their medical bills. Health and hygiene is an essential need, people are not able to diagnose them in the correct time due to their status. Mehmood Trust supports people in paying their medical bills.

Our Team

Muhammad Talha Mehmood


Muhammad Haroon Mehmood


Muhammad Rehan Akhtar


Muhammad Razzaq


Muhammad Asim


Tariq Wali

Committee Member

Mufti Muhammad Aamir

Committee Member

Mustafa Bin Talha

Committee Member

Hammad Rasul Qureshi

Committee Member

Abdul Hameed

Welfare Oficer

Syed Saad Nadeem

Shariah Officer

Mehmood Trust
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